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Reaching Development Milestones

Teska Holdings Corporation was founded to build niche projects in smaller communities. Our mission is provide excellent value for those residents that own or rent our homes and great returns for our investors. We strive to build to market requirements, listening to the local people, working with local municipal governments and building projects that will have a positive impact on all the stakeholders.


We build sustainability in from the ground up; maintaining trees and natural vegetation where possible, designing in energy efficiency in our construction, adding renewables such as Solar where the investment is to the benefit of our residents and investors and ensuring the projects are both conserving energy and protecting the environment.


Teska Holdings is a new Company with many years of experience. Our leaders have been there, done that and it shows in our extensive planning, adherence to a build it better philosophy and the finished product.


We invite you to have a look at what we do and how we do it. Click on the Projects Tab see what we have happening right now. We believe that you will be pleased and impressed!