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Teska offers two types of Investment Opportunities.


Income Property:


You can purchase a unit in one of our outstanding projects. You would rent the unit, managing it on your own or have our property management department take of some or all of the details. You can choose your desired level of services which range from obtaining tenants, through collection of rents and payments of costs, to selling and re-investing. The unit is your property.


Should you enrol your property in the Rental Pool the following takes place:


•   Investors place the unit in the pool of units that Teska Rentals Inc. has established.

•   Teska Marketing Inc. creates a Market and Sales Plan to obtain rental bookings for the units.

•   Teska Marketing assumes all costs related to obtaining the bookings.

•   The Rent received for each unit constitutes the Gross Rent from which Teska Marketing Inc. deducts its booking fees, producing the Net Rent, which is remitted to Teska Rentals Inc.

•   The Investor portion (X percent) is remitted to the unit Investor as the Investment Portion and the balance to Teska Rentals Inc. as the Rental Portion.

•   Teska Rentals Inc. pays 51% of the Rental Portion to Teska Holdings Corporation and retains the balance as its operating funds.

•   Teska Rentals operates the rental properties providing management, housekeeping, and minor maintenance for the units



Project Investment:


Teska obtains unique properties that have the potential to produce substantial profits. We encapsulate each property in its own corporation allowing us to have different investors in different projects. Project Investors buy redeemable Preferred Shares in the project Company which are redeemed by the Company, usually at the  time of achieving Site Plan Approval for the project, sometimes at project completion. Returns on these types of projects are fixed at the redemption price of each Preferred Share and vary from project to project.


Investors are invited to participate in a project by being in our Investor Invitation List. Invitations include a summary of the project, the potential returns and what positions are available.


Sometimes an Investor may bring a potential property to Teska, and should the property be of interest, we would we work out an arrangement either to partner on the project or invite the Investor into the project as a Common Shareholder. Returns on these types of projects vary with the net profit earned.

Should you be interested in investing with Teska; please contact Mr. Tim Siva, Director of Business Development, Mr Said Mohammadi, President, Teska Construction INC, or Mr. Stephen Tunks, Chairman. Call us at 647-424-2233 and make your selection.